Why to Host Family Reunions at Spare Time Entertainment

Meeting with family is fun, but it’s okay to admit that planning family reunions can be stressful. You have to find a location that works for everyone, plan fun activities for all ages, figure out food and drinks, and clean up afterwards.

Here at Spare Time Entertainment, we understand the frustration of wanting to reunite with family but having to put so much effort into making it happen. That’s why our team is happy to host your family reunion for you.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the many reasons you should host your future family reunions here at Spare Time.

Family Activities that Everyone Can Enjoy

One of the best perks of hosting your reunion at Spare Time is the wide variety of family activities we offer. Bowling is fun for all ages, whether you’re 8 or 80, and is a casual sport that’s great for promoting conversation. But don’t get us wrong—we have many more fun family activities than just bowling.

Spare Time is home to one of the largest arcades in Lansing, with over 50 arcade games for your kids to enjoy (or for you to enjoy—we won’t rain on your parade). Or, for families that like to work as a team, we also have four Escapology escape rooms that are a blast for all ages.

Fun for Parents (And Grandparents!)

When we say we have fun activities for the whole family, we mean the whole family. That’s why we keep Michigan’s finest craft beers on tap for adults 21 and over to taste and compare.

Not only are our craft beers delicious, they’re also an amazing way to kick off a good conversation. If you have relatives coming to the reunion from all over, this is a great way to give them a taste of Michigan!

Another great option for adults is our Spartan axe throwing alley. Here, you can gather your family members and compete to prove which of you is the Ultimate Spartan. All we ask is that you remember to wear closed-toed shoes to keep everyone safe and keep the good times rolling!

Are you interested in hosting a family reunion without all the hassle? If so, Spare Time Entertainment brings fun, food, and friendly staff to every reunion; all you have to do is bring the family!

To plan your family reunion with us, click here to fill out a form today!

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